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6 Most Popular Architectural Styles in Bryn Mawr

Pennsylvania’s most wealthy and influential citizens have been drawn to the Main Line region in Bryn Mawr for many years. The Pennsylvania Railroad brought large-scale settlements to the area. Wealthy families moved here for summer retreats and built great mansions. Many of these are still in use today. One of the chairmen of the Campbell Soup Company lived in the Linden Hill mansion currently valued at $22 million. If you are not in the market for something quite as elaborate, there are plenty of other Bryn Mawr real estate options to choose from. Due to the history of grand architecture in the area, even the more moderate homes are built with design in mind to match the area that it is in. 

Understanding the different types of architectural styles in Bryn Mawr will help you narrow your search for homes for sale in Bryn Mawr, PA. If you prefer natural elements in the design of your home, you may want to pursue bungalows or modern homes. If open spaces are important to you, then you may want to avoid colonial and Tudor-style homes. Here is a breakdown for you on the features of the six most popular architectural styles in Bryn Mawr, PA: 

Colonial Revival

Colonial revivals have been an American staple in architectural design since the 1880s. The symmetrical façade of brick, stone, or wood clapboard siding and centered entryway has a timeless quality. Pediments and columns are often a part of the entrance. The architecture usually includes a fusion of original colonial design from the British and Dutch along with some of the ornate features of Victorian-style homes. Modern versions have large bay windows and are typically two-and-a-half stories tall. They try to blend history with our modern lifestyle. You can find them in almost any suburban area in the United States and are popular among homes for sale in Bryn Mawr, PA.


The bungalow originated in California and quickly spread across the United States due to its ability to be easily built. The square layout makes construction simple and uses materials natural to the surrounding area. They are small, cottage-looking homes. Traditionally they were only one story tall. Modern versions have more than one story, though most of the square footage is still on the first floor. They feature open floor plans, broad front porches that sometimes wrap around the house, and deeply sloped roofs. They tend to feel private because of the deep interior spaces and windows set further back behind the porch. Their accessibility and low land footprint make them a popular choice for investment property in Bryn Mawr real estate.

Tudor Revival

The classic Tudor is reminiscent of fairy tale cottages. The front doors even have a castle-like appearance with a rounded arch at the top built in stone. They originate from the late 1880s and have heavy timbering and ornate facades. Modern 20th Century versions trimmed down the ornamentation and wood detailing. The interior often has wood ceiling beams which add a noble, rustic look to the design. You will find them in almost every Main Line community, so it is easy to find one available in homes for sale in Bryn Mawr, PA. They have steeply pitched roofs and overlapping front-facing gables. They typically do not have a front porch but are well-suited for lush landscaping and English-inspired gardens

Contemporary and Modern

Contemporary designed homes do not refer to a specific time period. They are fluid and reflect what is considered popular today. With a focus on innovation, their design is complex and incorporates different styles. The front of the home is usually irregular and asymmetrical, with large windows that may take up most of the wall. Currently, they feature eco-friendly designs and free-form lines. They are the high-tech homes of Bryn Mawr real estate. Their open floor plan embraces outdoor spaces and provides a flexible layout that can adapt to the needs of a growing family.

Similarly, modern architectural designs focus entirely on functionality, crisp lines, and sleek finishes. All the interior space is usable due to the large square rooms and lack of rounded areas popular in older designs. To make the large, open spaces feel cozy, they incorporate rich wood and warm stone colors. Without the ornamentation on the exterior, the walls are freed to incorporate more oversized windows. So, natural lighting is a prominent feature of modern homes for sale in Bryn Mawr, PA. The roofs are often barely noticeable and may even be flat.


Many of the new subdivisions and residential developments in Bryn Mawr include townhouses. A townhouse is a single-family dwelling with its own front entry and backyard that is connected to another single-family dwelling by at least one wall, a continuous roof, and foundation. They can be built in a row, or just attached to one other dwelling. Since they occupy less land space, they require a smaller investment than the traditional home. They may not have expansive yards, but unlike a condominium, you will still have your own green space to enjoy. There are many ways to design and decorate your outdoor space to provide privacy and beauty. 

Finding the Home That Fits You

Homes for sale in Bryn Mawr, PA, are selling quickly, often in less than a month after being listed. It is a competitive market with 22% of homes going for over list price. Yet, opportunities for investment properties abound. To make sure you find the property that fits your needs and lifestyle while staying within your budget, talk to a local realtor. With experience in the industry and deep knowledge of the area, they will be able to help you find the best property. 

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