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Cozy Up at These 5 Main Line Coffee Shops

With a rich past dating back hundreds of years — when William Penn first sold land to Welsh Quakers — Philadelphia’s Main Line is filled with historic and unique businesses. Located just outside of Philly’s urban core, the Main Line feels like many separate quaint villages, comprising areas such as Chestnut Hill and Bryn Mawr. Each town along the line has its own downtown area with unique vibes, making them a wonderful place to live and visit. Tracing the Pennsylvania Railroad’s tracks as they run through the Main Line — and stopping at coffee shops along the way — is a fantastic way to spend a day.

The Story Coffee & Bookstore

Credit: The Story Coffee & Bookstore
This cafe couldn’t be more aptly named. The journey from coffee plant to cup is long, and this coffee-slash-bookstore’s mission is to tell that story. From coffee growers and processors to roasters and baristas, The Story gives credit to all parts and provides customers with a deeper appreciation of their beverages. Supported by the non-denominational Calvary Chapel of Delaware County, The Story’s proceeds go towards greater Philly area organizations helping those in difficult chapters of their lives.

Decorated with heavy furniture, jewel-toned paint colors, colorful artworks, and cozy lighting fixtures, The Story invites patrons to visit with friends or dive into their many fiction and non-fiction books on hand. Their collection of books includes selections on faith, history, philosophy, culture, and biography. In addition to offering espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, drip coffees, and teas, The Story also sells a variety of pastries. If you find yourself visiting friends in their Bryn Mawr homes, stop by for a latte or shop at their Ardmore bookstore to give back to the Main Line community.

Green Engine Coffee

Credit: Green Engine Coffee Co.
Light, airy, and green describe the interiors of this Haverford coffee shop. With cozy couch areas, communal tables, window seats, and a bar, this place has a spot for everyone to hang out. Placed next to the building’s large front windows is a stunning living wall, which basks in the gorgeous sunlight that fills this coffee shop. Their baristas brew fresh, artisanal coffees with a smile and kind service. If you’re craving a snack while you ponder a potential Chestnut Hill investment at a sun-filled window seat, Green Engine offers seasonal baked goods and light fare.

Sunset Moon Wellness Center

This Bryn Mawr cafe is not your typical coffee shop. Chef and founder Megan Kelly’s deep commitment to health and nutrition has resulted in a menu that is organic, gluten-free, vegan, nutritionally balanced, and made with unheated oils.

Sunset Moon also offers an extensive menu of specialty drinks, coffees, and health tonics. Drink names like Pete’s Dragon and Smurf Juice — a blueberry, kale, banana, and lavender maple syrup smoothie — are sure to bring a smile to guests. The coffee menu includes cold and hot brews, lattes, and espresso drinks, and can be combined with almost any plant-based milk you can think of. If health tonics, coffee, or smoothies are not your thing, there are also many teas to choose from. Black, Green, Red, Yerba Mates, Herbal Teas, and specially-formulated Men’s and Women’s Teas are all available.

If you’re looking for a meal, consider Sunset Moon’s buddha bowl or a Lavender Sunset Sandwich, made with house-made lavender maple syrup. For a lighter choice, their Caesar salad and grapefruit ceviche are both spectacular. If you’re craving sweets, this cafe has a lengthy list of those as well, with many being gluten-free! As one last added benefit, Sunset Moon is BYOB — consider inviting a few friends for late lunch over a bottle of wine. 

The Coffee Bar

You’ll find this cozy coffee bar just off of Ardmore’s Montgomery Avenue. Great for students or remote workers, The Coffee Bar is the kind of place where you could spend the entire afternoon reading a terrific book or working. Minimalist boho-chic with a funky edge, The Coffee Bar is renowned for its detail-oriented baristas and handcrafted drinks. Try the Con Panna, which pairs two Elixr Beekeeper espresso shots with luscious whipped cream.

In addition to the standard cappuccinos and mochas, The Coffee Bar offers Vietnamese Iced Coffee and other signature lattes that are just stunning in appearance and taste. If it’s getting too late in the day for coffee, they have a vast selection of teas and baked goods as well. Grab a parfait, strawberry chia toast, or a bagel while you warm up in this cozy cafe.

A La Mousse

While the Narbeth-based A La Mousse is more of a bakery than a coffee shop, it deserves mention as a Main Line staple! Stunning is the only word that can describe these pastries, with every delicious item decorated to perfection. The shop invents their own recipes, many of which fuse traditional French confectionery with an Asian flair. As per their name, many kinds of mousse are on offer, including the delicious-sounding mango mousse and coffee mousse. If you’re after a larger item, their cakes stand out as delicate, delightful, daring pieces of art that aren’t overly sweet! Cakes and mousse only scratch the surface of A La Mousse’s menu — they have a wide range of other pastries and coffee drinks as well.
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