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How a Real Estate Agent Can Help You Market Main Line Real Estate

Philadelphia’s Main Line is home to some of the most prestigious real estate in the area. Located northwest of the city, it’s made up of towns like Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Ardmore, Malvern, and more.

Over the past few years, the hot seller’s market has spurred real estate prices upward. During the summer of 2021, some Bryn Mawr homes for sale received multiple offers over list price. With news of homes selling so quickly and seemingly effortlessly, it can be tempting to forego using a real estate agent. However, those homes received multiple offers and sold over the list price because they were expertly marketed and negotiated through a real estate agent. With this in mind, let’s examine the critical tools, services, and knowledge an agent offers when selling property.

They understand your buyer

Your home is unique. It has distinguishing features and benefits from others in your neighborhood. Similarly, your community is unique, has a different atmosphere, with a different school district than the others.

Local real estate agents understand these key differences. They have a pulse on what buyers are looking for in Chestnut Hill real estate and can connect the right buyer with the right home. This is essential, as attracting the wrong buyers can cause your property to languish on the market. Instead, your agent knows how to market your home effectively to targeted buyers.

They know how to set the right listing price

It all comes down to the price. Experienced real estate agents have in-depth knowledge about what homes are selling for and why. They know which features will prompt a bidding war and understand the pricing benchmarks that turn people away.
Price is relative to the perceived value. If buyers think Bryn Mawr homes for sale are overpriced, they’ll walk away. If the buyer deems the home is valuable and the one they want, they’ll be inspired to bid on the house. If you receive more than one bid, you’ll enter into the advantageous situation of a bidding war which could lead to a higher sale than your original listing price. If your agent thinks this is feasible with your property, they’ll know the correct approach to listing and marketing it to encourage this lucrative scenario.

They use professional photography

Photo courtesy of Surf World
Potential buyers' first introduction of Chestnut Hill houses for sale is through online listings. Simply put, the first time they see your home will be in pictures. If these images of your home don’t engage the buyer, you have no opportunity to make a sale, but if they’re of professional quality, they could motivate them to take a tour.

Today’s new phones feature impressive camera technology, which often makes homeowners feel they can take online photos of their homes themselves. However, effective real estate photography is a craft and is more about technique than about the technology used. A professional photographer understands how to capture the room to portray its best features while simultaneously minimizing anything unflattering. To cultivate the positive online impression buyers will make of your home, utilizing professional photography supplied by your realtor is a must.

They use professional staging

Using a professional stager doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the way your home looks, as this process is about setting the scene for the future homebuyer. Personal items should be stored away, and closets and cupboards need to be reduced to 30% capacity. This is so the potential homebuyer can see less “of you” in the space and instead picture themselves living in the home and imagining how their personal effects will fit into it. Professional staging also arranges furniture and other items to show off the best features of Bryn Mawr homes, allowing your home to look its best for any buyers looking at online photographs or taking a tour of the property.

They’re well connected

Experienced real estate agents in the local market develop connections and establish trusted relationships with other real estate agents in the surrounding area. This is a significant benefit, especially during negotiations, as you want to trust the agents involved in the transaction.

Additionally, connected realtors will know about buyers and individual Chestnut Hill properties that are not yet publicly listed, giving you a substantial edge in selling your property. As you prepare your home for sale, your agent will have a roster of relationships with other vendors and contractors who could be of service to you. If you find yourself needing to make some quick last-minute repairs, your realtor can quickly help you find the right person for the job.

They take care of you

Selling your home can be a challenging process, and working with a good realtor will be significant in reducing your stress while increasing the sale's effectiveness. They’ll guide you through every step of the way and meet all of your needs.

Selling your home may not be all about the final sale price. There may be deadlines to meet, a particular profile of a buyer you want to sell to, and other stipulations. No matter your goals, your realtor will take the time to understand each one and ensure they’re met in the transaction. A worthy real estate agent knows selling your home isn’t just about getting a sold sign up— it is about taking care of you and your real estate aspirations in the process.

For more information on the benefits of working with a real estate agent, contact the trusted agents of The Baer Group for expert guidance. Specializing in selling luxury real estate, The  Baer Group will help you find your next dream home in Philadelphia!

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