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How to Style Each Room in Your Philadelphia Home This Fall

Fall is upon us, and those with Chestnut Hill homes are wondering how to make their homes ready for the season. Here are some ideas for each room of the house so you can instantly create that cozy vibe and usher your living space into the holidays.

Front Porch

The front porch of Chestnut Hill homes is what visitors first see when they come to a home and is likely to greet their residents when they return from work or errands. Make sure everyone feels welcome by hanging a festive wreath on your front door. It can be autumn-themed in September, switch to a Halloween theme in October, then transition to a holiday theme for November and December. Even if you don’t wish to celebrate holidays, you can still lean into the ambiance of the season. You can also swap out light, summery furniture for more solid items with beautiful fall colors once the temp drops and change your tropical welcome mat to one that is more autumn-appropriate.


If you have an entryway, this is the perfect place to create a fall vibe—especially if you plan to entertain this season. Adding warm woods and rustic décor is a great way to replace the summery feel of your entryway with one that matches a cooler, cozy vibe. Those who have seating in their Chestnut Hill homes can also place some fluffy blankets or fuzzy pillows on chairs or benches in plaids, deep reds or browns, or fun seasonal prints and place gourds or pumpkins on entryway tables.

Living Room

It’s all about creating a cozy vibe in your living room, as this is likely where people will gather when the weather turns colder, as opposed to your outdoor living spaces. Chestnut Hill real estate and design professionals suggest adding pops of color to your living room with the color of the season: orange. You can place rugs, pillows, blankets, and accessories, like vases or sculptures, around the room in varying hues of orange to give off a seasonal vibe. Also, consider switching out bright white light bulbs for warmer quality or adding some floor lamps that can be used instead of overhead lights.


Encourage visitors and the whole family to enjoy the smells of the season by placing fall-scented hand soap and lotion (think cinnamon, pumpkin, or vanilla) in each bathroom and consider an autumn-scented wax burner, candle, or bowl of potpourri. Ensure that hand towels have an autumn theme and replace summery bathroom rugs with plusher, deeper-hued varieties. Remember that bathrooms are a functional space of Chestnut Hill homes, so don’t go overboard and focus on simple accents rather than a full-scale decorating project.

Credit: Sanctuary Home Decor


Make your kitchen a welcoming space where the entire family can come in to keep you company while you bake the best treats of the season! Consider creating a centerpiece on your eat-in kitchen table or island that’s made up of seasonal fruits and veggies like apples, pumpkins, gourds, or squash (you can use the real thing or get fake versions). Buy some leaf or other seasonally printed kitchen towels, table runners, and kitchen rugs that add warmth to the room with some wood accents like breadboards and copper bowls or pitchers. Chestnut Hills homes should also smell wonderful all season—whether you’re baking or not—so make sure you have plenty of seasonal candles or a tart warmer ready to go in your kitchen.


Though cozy vibes are essential in all rooms of Chestnut Hill homes this fall, there’s no place it matters more than in your bedroom! Fall is a time to sleep in or go to bed early with a good book and a warm blanket, so replace lighter bedding with heavier fall-patterned bedspreads and plenty of extra knit or sheepskin blankets. Place some fall plants or birch accessories throughout the room on nightstands or dressers and consider swapping out wall art with prints of leaves, pumpkins, or other seasonal décor.

Patio or Deck

Although patios and decks may not get as much use as the season changes, you still want them to be lively places to gather when the weather permits. Up the functionality factor by adding outdoor heaters, a firepit, and lighting so guests can linger even when the sun goes down and the cold creeps in. Have plenty of cozy, fall-themed pillows and blankets and accent with fall foliage in outdoor vases or planters. If you have summery patio furniture, consider putting them in storage and opting for more sturdy choices in varied wood tones. If you want to take it to the next level, you can add a rustic wooden ladder, a hay bale or two, or a vintage accent like a table or trunk.

Credit: BH&G

Additional ideas

Other seasonal tips for around the house include:

  • Setting the kitchen or dining room table before meals with a plaid tablecloth (or you can use a blanket scarf or thin blanket), seasonal cloth napkins, and dishes that invite fall food and drink like soup bowls and red wine glasses.
  • Paint walls in warmer tones. If you want to take the next step and do a home remodeling project, consider warming up rooms by painting them in beige or tan.
  • Sprinkle leaves on surfaces. Buy some fake fall foliage and spread them on bookcases, accent tables, or other little-used surfaces where they will warm up a room without getting in the way.
  • Pay attention to nooks. Everyone in the family will likely be searching for their own private space when they have school breaks or on chillier weekends when they can’t be outside. Make sure you create welcoming spaces in reading nooks, window seats, and other small areas by adding comfy blankets and pillows and ensuring there is adequate lighting for enjoying books, a nap, or just some fall relaxing.

Chestnut Hill homes that ooze seasonal vibes are welcoming for all and can help create an atmosphere of celebration for your guests and family. Considering moving to a larger home that you can prepare for fall before the temps drop? Reach out to a trusted real estate agent like those in The Baer Group for assistance.



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