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Top 8 Reasons People Love Living in Philadelphia

There’s plenty that draws people to Philadelphia, whether that be the opportunity to go out and explore nature, the endless places to eat, or the general small-town ambiance. When searching for Chestnut Hill, PA houses for sale, here are eight reasons to consider when making the move:

1. You’re close to everything

A major perk of buying Bryn Mawr real estate is that it’s close to neighboring cities like Washington, DC and New York. Weekend trips are easy and varied living here, and when you’ve finished exploring those big cities, you can avoid their traffic by returning back to your Philadelphia home. Transportation to get you into neighboring areas is plentiful, too, with high-speed trains and the airport located in the city’s center, making the services accessible to anyone living in the city.

Philadelphia itself has plenty to offer beyond the cities it’s located next to. Those living in this city can take the hour drive out to the beach for a day in the sand. Or if the beach scene isn’t your thing, then a day in the mountains is only 45 minutes away. Whether you’re looking for an experience in the city or in the wild, Philadelphia can provide it.

2. You don’t need a car

You can count on the public transportation system in Philadelphia to get you anywhere you need to be, whether that be to your 9 a.m. shift or 7 p.m. dinner plans. There are several lines and rails headed in different directions, as the public system offers a subway, rail system, and 70 bus routes. Even if you don’t want to take public transportation, you can get around pretty well on foot or by bike. And the climate makes outdoor travel very doable, wherever you may be headed.

3. The surrounding nature is beautiful

There are plenty of ways to enjoy nature within Philadelphia, and the city itself has 166 miles of trails and 60 community gardens. The sheer number and variety ensure that there’s a space for everybody to find and enjoy. Philadelphia also has a trail master plan, and in the time to come, it’ll add to the trails and greenways that link together the city and neighborhoods with Chestnut Hill, PA houses for sale.

Philadelphia also has Fairmount Park, which is a large urban park spanning 4,200 acres. This park has plenty of trails and views of the forest and rolling hills, as well as a waterfront esplanade for the public to use and enjoy. For those who don’t want to dedicate a day to this park, there are plenty of smaller parks throughout the city that provide a green refuge.

4. It’s imbued with history

As it was the nation’s capital before Washington, DC, Philadelphia’s history is on display for all its residents. From Independence Hall, where the founders signed the Declaration of Independence, to important historical landmarks like the Liberty Bell, and being the city where electricity was discovered, Philadelphia has a notable legacy in the US.

The history is also reflected in the city’s architecture, which is visible in the oldest residential street in America (Elfreth’s Alley) or simply on your way to pick up the week’s groceries. You’ll likely find several interesting and historically designed options when searching for Bryn Mawr real estate.

5. There are great universities

Whether thinking about your children’s future or interested in returning to higher education yourself, there are several options in and around Philadelphia. The city’s top universities include the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, and Drexel University. The bright thinkers in this center of education are sure to make your educational experience one to remember.

6. The art and culture scene

You don’t have to enter a museum to get a taste of the art and culture that surrounds Chestnut Hill, PA houses for sale. This city offers a feast for the eyes with its murals and ever-changing street art decorating the sides of buildings. The area is also abundant, with small museums and galleries to walk into and admire the artwork.

There’s also the international collection of art featured in The Philadelphia Museum of Art, which is a must-see for everybody in the city. The architecture of the museum itself is outstanding and well worthy of showcasing the antiques it holds. Other arts and culture spots like the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Franklin Library offer a wide variety of art and history to admire.

7. You’ll dine and drink well

With the variety available in Philadelphia, it’s more surprising if you don’t find a restaurant spot to make your regular. There are plenty of fine dining options from Beddia Pizzeria and local spots like Suraya. This city also has a variety of international cuisine, from Vietnamese dishes to Brazilian fare and everything in between. And, of course, you can count on finding an authentic Philly cheesesteak here.

The distillery and brewery scene is also noteworthy, and Philadelphia is home to Yuengling lager, the oldest brewery in America. Other breweries like PBC and Yards brew great beer for residents to enjoy. Those in the city can explore the different wines available by following the Philadelphia Distillery Trail, which keeps track of all the local distilleries around the city.

8. The small-town environment

Even though Philadelphia is a pretty big city, its walkability and residential areas give it a small-town feel, unlike neighboring cities. You’re sure to find a welcoming and friendly community when choosing a neighborhood to move into. It’s truly the best of both worlds, as you’ll still have all the big city amenities like shops and restaurants available to you when you make the move.

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From great history and culture to fine dining and nature views, these are only eight of many reasons why Philadelphia is such a great place to live. When you’re ready to make the move to this city, contact the experienced agents at The Baer Group to guide you through the process.

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