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Why Your Real Estate Agent Needs to Be a Master Marketer

Many sellers assume that luxury homes will practically sell themselves when it comes to finding success in a seller’s market. After all, Philadelphia’s luxury neighborhoods are experiencing a severe inventory crunch, and Chestnut Hill real estate is more desirable than ever among buyers.

However, it takes a lot more than listing and putting a for sale sign up to sell a home.

If your real estate agent doesn’t respect the importance of marketing, you could be leaving time and money on the table when selling your Chestnut Hill home. That’s why your Chestnut Hill realtor needs to be experienced with real estate marketing of all kinds.

Below are a few reasons to work with a real estate agent skilled in marketing when listing Chestnut Hill homes for sale.

Online shoppers

In the past, realtors simply had to list a home for sale and put up a few signs. An offer was likely to come in after a few open houses and several showings later. If someone wanted to see the home, they would have to view it physically. Now, Chestnut Hill real estate sells a bit differently.

Approximately 90% of home buyers start their journey online before contacting a real estate professional. With many buyers searching for Chestnut Hill real estate online, the importance of a strategic marketing campaign cannot be emphasized enough. If your real estate agent doesn’t have a firm grasp on how to market a listing properly, your home could go unnoticed by many well-qualified buyers.

Functional websites

With most buyers conducting their home search online, an excellent real estate professional understands that a functional website can sell a home. Your home should not only be featured on Multiple Listing Services (MLS) but should have a dedicated website created by your realtor. Potential buyers should be able to browse information about your Chestnut Hill home easily, view high-quality pictures, and get a good idea of what the house looks like before they ever set foot inside.

As such, an attractive and easy-to-use website is incredibly appealing to buyers. If a realtor’s website looks dated, is difficult to use, or has poor pictures—buyers will turn to other options. By not marketing themselves and their business, your realtor has already put your home in a challenging market position.

High-quality photos and videos

If you’ve ever scrolled through Chestnut Hill real estate listings online, you’ve likely encountered some questionable photography and videography. Poor photos, blurry or unprofessional videography and lousy lighting can all ruin the appeal of an online listing—and it happens all the time.

Your real estate agent needs to nail every aspect of marketing documentation to fetch the best price possible for your Chestnut Hill home for sale. If potential buyers read a poor description or view choppy videos, they’ll have less reason to be excited about touring your home in person and may simply move on.

Social media

Over 4.5 billion people—over half the world’s population—use social media daily. As of January 2022, the average American spends well over two hours on social media daily, and 82% of people use social media every day.

If your real estate agent isn’t using social media to their advantage as part of their marketing plan, they’re missing out on a vast demographic of people that could discover your Chestnut Hill home while scrolling.

Traditional marketing

Suppose the perfect buyer for your Chestnut Hill real estate has disconnected themselves from social media or hasn’t spent much time searching online. In that case, traditional marketing strategies can help expose them to your listing. Using traditional and new methods allows your real estate expert to reach the widest audience and cover more ground. Only a real marketing professional will understand the importance of both and know when to rely on more traditional strategies to find their ideal buyer.

Some Philadelphia real estate agents get too caught up in the importance of new marketing styles and neglect traditional methods for selling luxury homes. While these methods can be a little old-fashioned, they still work well in tandem with digital marketing. Finding a reliable real estate professional who combines new and old marketing styles is incredibly helpful.

Marketing enhances the benefits of a seller’s market

If you’re looking to list Chestnut Hill homes for sale and sell quickly, marketing experience is what will get the job done. With a combined experience of over 20 years in real estate and a great understanding of how to market to their fellow Philadelphia residents, you’re not going to find a better, more qualified group of Chestnut Hill realtors than The Baer Group.

This Philadelphia luxury real estate team understands the importance of marketing and showcasing on every platform and can help your home reach the broadest, most well-qualified audience.

The Baer Group
will leverage their connections and marketing knowledge to sell your home quickly—or find the perfect Chestnut Hill real estate for you and your family. If you’re ready to take the next step with a team of cutting-edge real estate professionals, contact The Baer Group today.

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