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Bryn Mawr

A prominent part of the Main Line just west of Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr’s roots are rich in Welsch decent.

Welcome to Bryn Mawr

Thriving part of the Main Line with a touch of the country.


A prominent part of the Main Line just west of Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr’s roots are rich in Welsch decent. The words “Bryn Mawr” translate to “big hill” in the language. Over the years, Bryn Mawr has established itself as one of the most prestigious towns in Pennsylvania, flourishing in local businesses, restaurants and offering first-class amenities to all of its residents and visitors.


A prominent, prestigious town on the Main Line that has a multitude of happenings, trendy spots that grab your attention and an appeal that keeps new residents shuffling in.


What To Expect

Eye catching building compositions and gorgeous estate homes.


Bryn Mawr is known for its extravagant properties and well-developed communities, including Bryn Mawr College. This distinguished, women’s college is located on a residential campus just outside the major metropolitan area and is known for its wide selection of studies and holding education to the highest standard.


The Lifestyle

Elite experiences in dining, shopping and entertainment.


The Bryn Mawr Village shopping center has put this town on the map as chic restaurants, upscale boutiques and trendy coffee houses continue to pop up. Brokers have deemed this swanky area to be a perfect mix of service-retail offerings and coined the term “lifestyling” to describe the customer experience, giving them good reason for repeat visits.


Unexpected Appeal

Charming town feel without the hustle and bustle of the city.


Residents get the best of both worlds being able to enjoy the tranquility of this beautiful town, but also having a long list of things to do, including trips to the Bryn Mawr Film Institute, attending twilight concerts, visiting multiple parks, elite shopping options and more.


Bryn Mawr Real Estate

Growing demand and well-heeled price points.


A lot of homebuyers put Bryn Mawr at the top of their list when considering a house in the suburbs. There may be higher-price points and cost of living than other Philadelphia suburbs, but the demand for Bryn Mawr homes for sale continue to rise. 


You'll Fall In Love With

The town has a little bit of everything.


The beautiful architecture, scenic charm and established society of Bryn Mawr have made it more than a desirable place to live, but also to visit. There’s much the town already offers in things to do, but being a short distance to the city, make the options for adventure endless.

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